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Hail Luciferum!

WHISKEY & FUNERAL - Jesus Is Guilty CD         $9 USD

The Italian band WHISKEY & FUNERAL strike with a ferocious display of brutal Death Metal. This third album contains 8 devastating tracks evoking the Old School way. Riffs burn like hellfire and drums drive at break-neck speed while extreme vocal screams incarnates rotten paroxisms…

LICH "Cryptic Stench" CD         $8 USD

From rotten and cold pits emerges the infernal LICH ! The Full-length album of this Italian Necrotomb Death / Black metal band. This is creepy horror music, 9 tracks of savage and primitive Metal emanations in the old school vein.

BLASFEMIA (Chile) "Nocturnal Astral Visions " CD         $8 USD

BLASFEMIA's third offering, expulsed by solitary mastermind Niphaviroz. A hellish mystical journey swarming by thrashing speed, abrasive riffing, occult atmospheres and delusional landscapes of destruction. A unique and matchless approach entombed in high-skilled instrumentation and slick production... Black / Thrash Metal spawned in Bulnes, Chile.

BEWITCHED (Chile) "Hibernum in Perpetuum + previous demos & Split" Double CD         $11 USD

The Ultimate Reissue of the Bewitched's debut album is finally available! The cult mid 90s Black Doom masterpiece, Hibernum In Perpetuum, was remastered from the original sources and released on a double CD plus the Bewitched's whole previous recordings, including all of their demos (1991-1994) and the split lp 1993 previously released by Warmaster Records. New art design, layouts and Doomicus' liner notes on a deluxe 18 pages booklet. This is Hibernum In Perpetuum sounding at its best! ...southwest permanently, the archaic journey...

LAMENTACIONES "Memorias" Digipak         $8 USD

Depressive Black Metal from Medellín, for Aaskereia, Forgotten Tomb followers. From the deepest nooks of thought, Lamentaciones is born. Expressing through its notes, the harshness of mankind existence and the overwhelming feelings that accompany us during this gloomy and vainy road. "“Memorias” is a set of melancholic and aggressive songs that represent personal darkest thoughts and feelings, seeking to transmit that essence to all the souls coming to hear them.

DARKSIDE RITUAL "Earthly Vulgarity" CD         $8 USD

Darkside Ritual present their debut album "Earthly Vulgarity". Ten abysmal tracks procreating a very obscure yet technical Death Metal spawning from several influences. "Earthly Vulgarity" encompasses a massive concept of life and it's true causality. 12 page booklet.

MANIAC BUTCHER "Barbarians" Digipak         $12 USD

Grim & harsh music full of ultimate aggresion and destructive violence. Originally spawned in the middle of 90’s, raw and obscure acts in its purest form as it should be. Barbarians / Lučan - Antikrist albums reissued separately in 2 unique deluxe inverted cross digipak editions, Both including bonus tracks. Pure Barbaric Black Metal! Not for wimps !
Ask for woven Patches, 4 U$ each

MANIAC BUTCHER "Lučan-antikrist" Digipak         $12 USD

Grim & harsh music full of ultimate aggression and destructive violence. Originally spawned in the middle of 90’s, Raw and obscure acts in its purest form as it should be. Barbarians / Lučan - Antikrist albums reissued separately in 2 unique deluxe inverted cross digipak editions, Both including bonus tracks. Pure Barbaric Black Metal! Not for wimps !
Ask for woven Patches, 4 U$ each

SABBAT "The Devil's Sperm Is Cold" 7"EP         $8 Eur

Official re-issue of the 4th 7”EP by the masters of die hard hamaguri Blacking Metal for the first time in 28 years!!! These 2 classic and definitively ageless songs confirm that there’s never enough SABBAT! Limited edition on clear vinyl & printed inner sleeves. Released by Tribulacion Prods & Epidemia Recs

Shipping from France, ask for postage costs to: epidemia.recs@gmail.com
Also available officialucifer SABBAT T-shirt , ask for sizes.

XERPENTH / PROFANOS “Contemplatvs Nigredvm Revelationem” Split CD         $8 USD

Under the brightnes of the stronght will and the Black gnosis The Split Debut: Xerpenth/Profanos - Contemplatvs Nigredvm Revelationem, From Medellin Black/Death Metal. This Manifest is a adversarial expression of the Concept Alquimic of being ¨Nigredo¨ which Represents the ascetic condition, the vision of occult knowledge across the deviousness and the blackening of being. This Opus was Fermented and forged by 11 Emanations from the vision of fractals meditations and chants, dedicated to devotional faith to Qayin Mortifier and other ritualistic acts of devotion to Aetheric Spirits of I, too in consensus with the cosmovisions that are presents in our way... AMLG "

AZOTH "Purification Of Trinity" CD         $8 USD

The enigmatic first material of AZOTH, It’s a deeply grim work full of raw, aggressive, and determined proselytism of Death. All utterly engulfed in an occult atmosphere. This album certainly takes to strong lengths the way of Black/Death Metal towards a mystical spectrum.

HUMAN ABASEMENT "Annihilation Of The Human Plague" CD         $9 USD

Brutal Death Metal from Colombia. 10 incisions loaded with total repulsion towards the human plague and its atrocious acts.

DEATH KULT "Under The Sign Of Death" CD         $9 USD

9 dark tracks make their way from the hate filled shadows, pungent existentialism and visceral forcefulness. This piece of crude and dense Death Metal is the gloomy reflection of death itself embodying the sounds of the roots of the genre.

THRONEUM "Old Death's Lair" CD         $9 USD

Killer Blackened Death Metal from Poland! Reissue of their first Full-length album originally edited in 2001. This album is a perfect mixture of rotten melodies and blasting brutality , bonecrushing bass and pounding drums with furious vocals.. Frenetic and hateful with a dark hellish atmosphere to complete a extremely dexterous Metal piece of aggression for old school followers ! Limited edition.

CRYFEMAL "Malicioso Sonido Putrefacto" LP         $15 USD

The black plague is spreading over the world! Pure nekro Black Metal from Spain. Vinyl version of this obscure manifesto loaded with grim feelings and the lugubrious essence of Death ! Limited to 500 copies.

COMPENDIVM DAEMONICVM Vol. 1 Deluxe Digipack         $13 USD

The first edition of this hatred Black Metal compendium with new exclusive tracks by each horde, featuring: ESBBAT / BEELZEBUL / THY ENDLESS WRATH from Colombia and DERELENISMO OCCULERE & NOCHE ETERNA from Ecuador. Special edition Digipack limited to 666 copies.

KULD "Beyond The Black Spell" CD         $7 USD

Blasphemous raw Black Metal from Brazil ! 11 primitive profanations of hate-filled music and spectral torment... for Von followers.

BLESTEMA "Los Elogios Noctambulares" CD         $7 USD

Radical Hateful Black Metal, crafted from the valley of chaos and death. New full-length, limited extrictly to 300 copies in CD pro. Conspiracy between Hycha Nutabe Rex and Tribulacion Prod. A fucking must!!.

IMPALER OF PEST "Warlords Of Death" CD         $8 USD

The serpentine beast lunges with his second opus running 8 zephyrs anxious of sin and total submission . A ruthless offering to the old arts of chaos, the cosmos and elementary .A morbid march through the left path and ecstatic entrance to the pentagram.Hail to the Cult ! Out Now ! Co release between Tribulacion Prod & Soul Erazer Recs

POSTMORTEM / CASKET GRINDER “Sepulcro Eterno” Split CD         $8 USD

Brutal South American Death Metal assault ! POSTMORTEM (Brasil) and CASKET GRINDER (Colombia). Tons of blasting drums and ripping riffs, with vicious growls and screams of torment. From blasphemous & anti religious, to blood soaked and delusional paranoid lyrics. 12 pages booklet, 13 tracks along 54 minutes of intensity and acidic Death Metal .

DEATHMOOR “Actus Sacrophagia Mortem” CD         $9 USD

New, fourth Deathmoor opus of this Russian atmospheric Black Metal horde. Suffocating atmosphere of spiritual decay of personality. Three conceptual tracks, 45 min in total, based on breaking all ties with linguistic world-image as a basic aspect of human existence. 12-page booklet full of morbid visions of Yag Mort.

INFERNAL "Whipping The Sacred Law" CD         $7 USD

Colombian Black Metal originally recorded in 1999 , now with unpublished bonus tracks and new art work. Co released with Chivo Negro prods.

"Hell's Damnation 4 way" CD         $7 USD

18 tracks of killer Thrash Metal Discharge !

GOATTHROAT "Rites Of Blasphemy" CD         $7 USD

The first release of Goatthroat „Rites of blasphemy“ contains 10 unholy spells from utter dephts of darkness full of slaying riffs, poser slaughtering drums and goat vomiting vocals. Be prepared for your perdition. Impious & Blaspemous Morbid Black Metal from Germany . For Beherith followers !.

WHIPSTRIKER / OPHICVS "Satanic Metal Army" CD - LP        CD $8 USD - LP $15 USD

Mighty Southamerican breed of Metal bangers united, spreading war, post apocaliptical mayhem, and blasphemy. Plowing sadistic bloody queens and pentagram whores with 12 tracks of Rocking Hell! Vinyl LP format limited to 500 on smokey red wax, Jewel CD edition with 8 page booklet.

ANARKHON "Welcome To The Gore Show" CD         $7 USD

Smashing Brutal Brazilian Death Metal! Don't miss out on what is sure to be an instant brutal masterpiece! For fans of "Tomb Of The Mutilated" Cannibal Corpse, Sinister…with POWER FROM HELL members!

AKOMAN "Devouring the Divine Light" Digipak         $11 USD

Dark and morbid time comes! Ukrainian Black Metal band Akoman attacks by ruthless poison in his new album "Devouring the Divine Light". Painful death in cold and raw darkness. Without God, without christ, without light and hope of salvation. Odes to Satan in unholy ecstasy. The rise of the Dragon of Darkness, which desecrate and destroy all life. Only a real cold sound, only dark Satanic lyrics and only possessed by death. Luciferian light of eternal Darkness!

SABBAT - LUCERA "Japanguanos Chocha's Attack" CD         $9 USD

Tribulacion Productions & Rebellious Records are pleased to release the CD split of the legendary Japanese band SABBAT and the exiled Colombian horde LUCERA! under the title "Japanguanos Chocha's Attack". This blasphemy contains unpublished and rare tracks, totally abhorrent for true metal collectors! Regular CD $9 usd + shipping. Special Pussy Pack, inluding posters + Sabbat patch+ Stiker $13 usd + shipping.

NOX "Manifestaciones de La Eterna Noche" CD         $9 USD

The darkness of the night attacks the celestial light with nine acts of cold and primal Black Metal in the ancient vein. Unholy evocation of the universe forcescanalized by nocturnal sulfurous emanations of melancholy, hate and misanthropythat strikes directly in Nazarene face! for Armagedda, Vargsang, Darkthrone, Pest... followers

BLASFEMIA (Chile) "Obscure War Metal" CD         $ 8 USD

Hateful Chilean Black Thrash Metal! this antichristian assault contains 9 bullets of unholy and forious artillery influenced by old school bands like Sarcofago ,Destruction ,Dark Throne, Grotesque..

OPHICVS "Azrever Ne Alemamam" CD         $ 7 USD

Monstrosity from hell Ophicvs from the ranks of his father Beelzebu unleashes his first blasphemous and solemn actof sonic steel. Returning to the roots of metalwith primitive and uncompromised sound, worshiping the first wave of black Metal, classic heavy, and rock’n’roll with the best style of Goat Metal.

AVULSION "Indoctrination Into The Cult Of Death - DIGIPACK"         $ 10 USD

AVULSION breathes a foul and decrepit breath of lifelessness into Death Metal. "Indoctrination into the Cult of Death" praises the essence of death with every gut wrenching guitar riff and vomited out gurgle. This CD will please fans of Incantation, Necrophobic and Autopsy. This Digipack include a CD-Rom track of an entire live set..

FUNERAL DUSK "O Rubor Sanguinis" CD         $10 USD

Funereal Dark Neo-Classical Music. Medieval, baroque & classical influences converge to give you a shadowed essence. String quartets, fugues, abysmal symphonies and other classical forms composed in a somewhat somber style, with lots of emotion and grieving : that's the best way to describe this CD. This is not the typical cheap-synthesizer ambient, but rather a more serious approach to neoclassical/dramatic music. Virtuosi piano and organ passages fill the CD like a thunder. Some early instruments are used, like the cembalo and baroque organ, which give despair and frozen feel to the music.. If you are tired of mediocre artists and commercial-mainstream music, this is a CD you must listen. Simply a brilliant album. 12 tracks of pure sorrow!!