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FUNERAL VOMIT “Funeral Vomit” Digipak

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Title: Funeral Vomit
Format: Digipak
Origin: Colombia
Label: Tribulación Productions - Entropy
Genre: Putrid Death Metal
Info: Introducing FUNERAL VOMIT self-titled new miasmatic emanation. Six tracks of absolute putrid Death Metal in the most cavernous and old-school way.
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Entropy Records y Tribulación Prods presentan la nueva emanación miasmatica homonima de FUNERAL VOMIT, 6 tracks de absoluto y podrido Death Metal en la vieja vena, crudo, cavernario, abominable!… Para fanáticos de Crematory, Mortician, Infester.. Edición limitada a 400 copias en versión Digipak 3 paneles con librillo inserto.


After hearing Sequestrum’s vile debut "The Epitome Of Putridity" I didn’t expect another band to match the squelching morbidity, and yet here is Colombian band Funeral Vomit.

Two years ago this bunch of lunatics released the Necrophoric Infestation demo, followed quickly by two split releases. However, it’s this self-titled EP which has me gagging for a full-length. Six tracks, a total duration of 30-minutes and a sound that drags you into the dregs of filth, fustiness and doom-laden grossness.

On opening quagmire ‘Jaws Of Darkness’, drummer J. Incinerator takes a hammer to the skins while the clanking bass of H. Mortum rattles skulls. This is sickly, fetid slurry; slurping, swampy death metal built upon slime-ridden guitar tones and gurgling vocal atrocities. Is there anything better than the current death metal scene and those bands with a penchant for gore-soaked grimness and gloom?

‘Necrophorpic Infestation’ mashes and causes infected gnashes, where pacy threads of gruelling violent cascades merge with speedier chimes of splattered putridity.

Vocalist O. Vomit’s vile gargling sounds akin to a toilet being flushed of the innards deposited into its bowels. Join then the horrid grind of ‘Clots’ and drown in the puke-filled gushing of ‘Funeral Incantation’. The whole abysmal mashing chokes and oozes in such rancid tumult to the point of every instrument billowing bile from every squalid chord.

The harrowing, manure-soaked ‘Emerging Abomination’, the foul, turgid horror of ‘Sempiternal Torture’… it’s just all so gargantuan, consuming and congealed whether with pace or sodden slowness. Succumb then to the earthen drag of Funeral Vomit.

by: Neil Arnold

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