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MANIAC BUTCHER “Barbarians” Digipak

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Title: Barbarians
Format: Digipak
Origin: Czechia
Label: Tribulación Productions
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Info: Album debut 1995, grim & harsh music full of ultimate aggression and destructive violence. Raw and obscure act in its purest form as it should be. Deluxe inverted cross digipak edition, including bonus tracks. Pure Barbaric Black Metal! Not for wimps !
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Review: by Kraahl
Incredible, primitive and not really recommended for novices of the genre, unless they are already familiar with the more primitive and raw offerings of the 90's. I do, however, consider this not only worthy of standing alongside other more notorious acts/albums of the period, but I also believe it to be special in its own right. While it is certainly unrelenting and uncompromising, as the album progresses, so too do the dark- and sometimes odd- soundscapes and atmospheres, possibly leaving one at the end to really pause and perhaps reflect on the album as a whole in being a very significant Black Metal release, as I have. Regardless of its vintage, this is timeless, True Black Metal, which in all respects, I think still holds its own when compared to even the best Black Metal of today.

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