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PESSIMIST “Cult of the Initiated” CD

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Title: Cult of the Initiated
Format: CD
Origin: Usa
Label: Season Of Mist
Genre: Death Metal
Info: Intense Death Metal, debut album 1997, includes 2 bonus tracks
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Remaster incl. bonus tracks "Day of Wrath", "Dirge", "Cult of the Initiated" (demo) and "Let the Demons Rest" (demo).
Jewel case CD with 12-page booklet, brand new cover art and additional illustrations.On their 1997 debut album ‘Cult of the Initiated’, PESSIMIST unleashed their brutality onto the international metal scene for the first time.
The nascent band's effort displayed all the traits - the violent riffing, guttural vocal attack, and relentless pacing - that would become their calling card for the coming decades. This long out-of-print shrine of brutal American death metal is available once again!

For fans of Pestilence, Vader and Morbid Angel.

01. Cult of the Initiated (5:28)
02. Let the Demons Rest (4:47)
03. The Stench of Decay (4:09)
04. Drunk with the Blood of the Saints (4:17)
05. Dungeonlorde (5:36)
06. Pyrosexual (3:40)
07. Innocence Defiled (4:39)
08. Unholy Union (Alter) (4:24)
09. Day of Wrath (3:51
10. Dirge (Outro) (1:09)
11. Cult of the Initiated (demo) (5:34)
12. Let the Demons Rest (demo) (4:44)

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