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PESSIMIST “Slaughtering the Faithful” CD

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Title: Slaughtering the Faithful
Format: CD
Origin: Usa
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Info: Full-length 2002
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Remaster including bonus track "Summoned to Suffer" (demo). CD in jewel case with 12-page booklet and additional illustrations.

On their third record, Pessimist put forth another brutal lesson in raw, unrefined blackened death metal. ‘Slaughtering the Faithful’ is gritty, blasphemous, and a revered gem in the early American death metal scene.

For fans of Pestilence, Vader and Morbid Angel.
Artwork by Jon Zig.

01. Requiem (0:29)
02. Slaughtering the Faithful (4:56)
03. Baptized in Blasphemy (4:41)
04. Infernal Abyss (3:50)
05. Resurrected Torment (5:57)
06. Summoned to Suffer (3:05)
07. Metempsychosis (4:15)
08. Embodiment of Impurity (4:45)
09. Stripped of Immortality (3:23)
10. Summoned to Suffer (demo) (3:21)

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