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RAISE HELL “Holy Target” Digipak

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Title: Holy Target
Format: Digipak
Origin: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Blackened Death / Thrash Metal
Label: HellStorm Prods
Info: Full-length 1998
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Review:  Originally known as In Cold Blood, Sweden's Raise Hell released three albums for Nuclear Blast between 1998-2002 that revealed hints of Black Metal combined with elements of both Thrash and Death Metal. Now re-iisued by HellStorm in their a limited edition digipak / CD

Clocking in at a respectable forty minutes Holy Target which was tracked by Tommy and Peter Tagtgren has both musically and visually all the makings of an old school classic. While not entirely rooted in Black Metal, the album does have strong anti Christian themes lyrically…

Consisting of Jonas Nilsson (guitars, vocals), Dennis Ekdahl (drums), Niklas Sjostrom (bass) and Torstein Wickberg (guitars), the quartet stick to basically the same formula over the course of the nine tracks on this disc. So expect plenty of blast beats executed at absolutely breakneck speed, sneering vocals that are full of venom and a dual axe attack that fires off a plethora of equally as fast, razor sharp riffage with a dazzling amount of precision. There are a few notable stand-out tracks on this mid range sounding slab of unrelenting mayhem, namely the title track, "Raise The Devil" and the seven minute plus closer "Superior Powers". However, that being said while not denying the fantastic amount of youthful energy and brief moments of musical fireworks, too much of Holy Target sounds the same. After playing it through more than a couple of times, one can easily hear reoccurring themes and even the same riffs rehashed from song to song. There is almost no variety as far as tempos go, which I think might have gone a long way in terms of helping distinguish each track from the next, not to mention giving each song it's own unique identity.

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