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ASKEREGN “Brennende Åkres Grøde” LP (Black Vinyl)

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Title: Brennende Åkres Grøde
Format: LP
Origin: Norway
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Terratur Possessions
Info: Full-length 2022. *Colored jacket with inside-out print and UV lacquer / Jacket flooded black inside Booklet / Black poly-lined inner-sleeve*
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Continuing where their 2015 debut album Monumenter left off, Brennende åkres grøde has been harvested from the trembling blood soaked earth and carved out from the rotting veil that so far separates our world from the infinite empty blackness.

With over 40 minutes of ferocious, ugly and tormented Black Metal, ASKEREGN remains true to their unpleasant approach to the genre, yet still able to develop their sound further in their own chaotic and hallucinatory ways. It is obvious: this can only be ASKEREGN.

Brennende åkres grøde manages to sum up the atmospheres from all of the band’s previous releases at the same time as it keeps its blood shot eyes on the blazing horizon.

This is contemporary music for a burning world, made for feasting rats and maggots - exactly what you need and deserve!
The album is mixed by Bjarte Lund Rolland of Kvelertak and released exclusively on Terratur Possessions, winter 2022.
Layout and illustrations by Sketches from the Void.



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