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CRYFEMAL “Malicioso Sonido Putrefacto” LP

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Title: Malicioso Sonido Putrefacto
Format: LP
Origin: España
Label: Tribulación Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Info: Album 2011. The black plague is spreading over the world! Pure nekro Black Metal from Spain. Vinyl version of this obscure manifesto loaded with grim feelings and the lugubrious essence of Death ! Limited to 500 copies.
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This is the type of Black Metal you would listen to when you desecrate graves and burn churches, as it is so undeniably black, evil, horrid and loaded with enough filth to cover our world with the new black plague that Cryfemal is spreading.
The guitars come across with convincing, razor sharp riffing and rhythms, and the drumming and back end rhythms are twisted enough to blow the listener’s mind in just one listen.
Plenty of old school black metal influences from the likes of Darkthrone, Sodom, Denial Of God, early Celtic Frost come to mind here, which makes “Malicioso Sonido Putrefacto” such a cult classic already.
At the end of the day, it all comes down to the music, which Cryfemal definitely give black metal a whole new name: “Black Metal Of Death Cult”.
Now go check this CD out and feel Cryfemal’s wrath burn your helpless soul. You will be the ultimate eyewitness to your own bloody death. Pray for hell and you shall burn…

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