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DECEASED “Luck of the Corpse” CD

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Title: Luck of the Corpse
Format: CD
Origin: USA
Genre: Death / Thrash Metal
Label: Hells Headbangers
Info: Full-length 1991
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DECEASED's classic debut album, Luck of the Corpse. DECEASED should need no introduction, nor should Luck of the Corpse: originally released in 1991, the band's debut album was the first full-length to be released on a fledgling Relapse Records. The album was out of print on vinyl for a long, long time, until longtime fans HELLS HEADBANGERS came along to release it on picture-disc format in 2009. Ten years later, the time is more than right to bring Luck of the Corpse back from the grave - and it's still as rottenly fresh today as it was back then, a manic and crazed and ever-addicting long-form introduction to DECEASED's singular Death Metal from the Grave, which has gone through a number of transitions but still holds strong today. Up the tombstones, once again!

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