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GJALDUR “Nachtreich” CD

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Title: Nachtreich
Format: CD
Origin: Germany
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Astral Nightmare Prods
Info: Full-length 2020, with Grim from the Aaskereia's horde
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German Black Metallers "Gjaldur" recently released their second album.

Shimmering riffs reverberate into fruition with a melodious yet raw passage that starts us off with a spectral chill. Pounding drums kick in betwixt the emotive guitar work to power through alongside vocal incantation, driving the sound forth into a lo-fi cascade of utterly haunting, gorgeous and painfully anguished black metal. The style of the instrumentals has a certain influence from Les Legions Noire and the Finnish movement as we see a sombre melancholy develop into seething aggression with maniacal vocals topping the visceral drums and otherworldly guitar riffs. There is a trebly and thin production style that absolutely suits the sonic and aesthetic approach of the bands grievous sound in its cavernous, introspective and harrowing nature. Sparse interluding riffs penetrate the dense foggy murk as we see a contorting and bedevilled apparition of German black metal magnificence warp into a unique and spellbinding journey.

Unlike many contemporaries of the “raw black metal” movement, there is a bass presence that roars like thunder amidst the piercing riffs while not giving much clarity, just beefing the tone up a bit for a harder hitting low end. This is certainly utilised to great effect with the icy guitars and shrieks being so invocative, adding a mesmerising quality to the record that is accentuated by synths buried in the ferocious hailstorm. Occasionally cleaner vocals break the pattern of screaming to add a ritualistic feel to the music while overall the shrill and tense music retains a foreboding and unhinged approach that is disturbing yet also somehow tranquil to behold. The dexterity of the sound may take a keener ear but there is certainly a huge diversity in the melodic nuances and dancing riffs that break apart the monolithic drum assault to rebuild in unison a rite of devastating proportions. There is so much emotive and spiritual passion in this music, the feeling is tangible in the air.

As I mentioned earlier, the likes of Mutiilation and Vlad Tepes can be heard here, as can bands such as Sargeist and Horna. With this said, Gjaldur have a truly unique approach that also ties in some Black Cilice and Pa Vesh En with their own brand of sonically twisted convulsions. Aside from being a phenomenal black metal release, we see some dungeon synth touches creep into the interludes, adding a far more ancient vibe to the record. While it may be resplendent in parts, the volatile and unpredictable spasming of relentless instrumentals and vocals is never far away to ensure that those paying close attention are rewarded with an all-encompassing experience of ecstatically distorted, abyssal visions. Self-aware progressions showcases bold songwriting abilities while never falling into the trap of obnoxious showmanship, this is clearly a duo of insightful and passion-fuelled musicians who know exactly how they want their craft to be performed. It can be said that they succeed, this is a fantastic piece of work.

Gjaldur’s grandiose second album is a scathingly cold, dark piece of craftsmanship that is stunningly ambient yet unrelenting and intense. Booming low-end from the drums and bass elevate a spectral and unearthly stream of cascading, dissonant guitars and shrieking vocals into a uniquely meditative and destructive soundscape. Allow yourself to be drawn into the music only to be assaulted by a rabid array of insane, astonishing and magnificent black metal.

Written for www.nattskog.wordpress.com

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