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KOSMOKRATOR “Through Ruin… Behold” LP (Turquoise Vinyl)

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Title: Through Ruin... Behold
Format: LP
Origin: Belgium
Genre: Nihilist / Occult - Black / Death Metal
Label: Ván Records
Info: Full-length 2019, 180gr turquoise vinyl // full-coloured jacket // A4 booklet with lyrics, info and illustrations // limited to 400 hand-numbered copies
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Devoted to nihilism and hatred for mankind, KOSMOKRATOR aim to unsettle, agitate and evoke a hostility against oneself. Nothing is holy, nothing serves a higher purpose. Salvation is irrelevant, humanity is a sickness, death shall be completion.

The material on "Through Ruin… Behold" was written between 2013 and 2018. Some of the songs date back to the band’s demo days, others were finished in the studio. Where "First Step Towards Supremacy" dealt with means to transcend, "Through Ruin… Behold" is a turning point and sheds a light on a downward movement into an unavoidable deterioration.

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