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MASS INFECTION “Shadows Became Flesh” CD

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Title: Shadows Became Flesh
Format: CD
Origin: Greece
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Comatose Music
Info: Full-length 2018
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Greece’s Mass Infection have returned with “Shadows Became Flesh” which picks up right where their previous effort, “For I Am Genocide” left off. Prepare to be snatched up by the throat and cast into a maelstrom of absolute devastation and agony! These guys really know how to dish it out and the do so by the megaton! Riffs start out with a little black metal vibe at the beginning, but quickly turn into that glorious, metallic, chainsaw from hell sound that we all know and love. Very passionate and full of pure torment. The proficiency and talent is at the level that could rival even the most seasoned of guitar players who dabble in the fine art of death metal. The double bass of the drumming combined with the grinding/black blast beats adds a great feel to the music overall. The precision and timing of the drummer could match any tech style drummer at any given time and come out on top! Complete style and versatility throughout this release. Very uncompromising and punishing.

The bass seems to be kept back a bit, but it is still there. The rest of the music is so massive that it kind of drowns out the bass. Then again, if the bass would have been mixed a little louder and thicker, I think it would have had a detrimental effect on the sound and feel of the whole album. A simple ow end growl is the chosen pattern throughout the album. While this style may be typical of death metal bands, the vocalist really adds passion and reverence to his delivery. The vocals seem to have a strong early Vital Remains/Bolt Thrower type vibe. The delivery of this vocal style is top notch.

Mass Infection is a band that should not be passed up or taken lightly. “Shadows Became Flesh” is just another example of how devastating this band, and this form of music, can be. It you want one of the best death metal bands in today’s world, then look no further than Mass Infection. They will give you all the brutality you can handle and more. There are no envelopes pushed here, nor are there any shortcuts taken. This band is the wake up call for all of the bands who slap substandard music together just so they can say that they have something out. No trends here. Only Truth!

Review by:  Akerthorpe

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