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NIGHTWALKER “Dark Sorcery / The Witches Sabbath” Digipak

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Title: Dark Sorcery / The Witches Sabbath
Format: Digipak
Origin: Germany
Label: Tribulación Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Info: 3-panel Digipak
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Grim Satanic Black Metal from Germany in the vein of early hordes! Nightwalker is the spawn of sole member “N.”, It's dedicated to the true demonic spirit of Black Metal. The lyrics deals with witchcraft, black magic and primordial devil worshipping. This full compendium (over 74 minutes) contains both Ep’s plus bonus tracks from the split with Winterfullmoon and Lord Frimost and the first demo tape, unholy evocation in the old vein, music to raise the dead to!

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