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NOCTURNAL FEELINGS “Nocturnal Attack” Digipak

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Title: Nocturnal Attack
Format: Digipak
Origin: Colombia
Label: Tribulación Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Info: Album 205, 3-panel Digipak, include sticker, also available in LP format
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Malicious and destructive Black Metal in the old true vein!  limited reissue of their first album recorded in 2005.  Included a bonus track +  insert - sticker
From the charming night "Nocturnal Feelings" is the tangible representation of obscure feelings.  A metaphor of the endless abyss where the poisons of our miseries andthe ineffable vacuity of our thoughts merge.
Essentially: it is the primordial exaltation of the nocturnal spirit ... of the nothingness transfigured.
Conceptually, NOCTURNAL FEELINGS are embodied under the Old Black Metal  School's parameters entirely Underground!
They combine somber rhythms with maligned  choruses and a dense burst in a hateful classic style  achieving with their music a perceptible blast of destruction. A reminiscence of the old hordes.


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