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SÆTAIER “Underworld Oath” Slipcase CD

COP $ 35.000

Title: Underworld Oath
Format: Slipcase CD
Origin: Col / Spain / Italy
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Tribulación Prods
Info: Debut album 2024
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Underworld Oath of Sætaier, where the gods succumb and the serpents of chaos rule. In a domain of perpetual shadows, deities and anti-cosmic forces that devastate everything in their path. Each chord is an echo of colossal ruins, each verse a spell that evokes the primordial gloom. Sætaier transcends to immerse the listener in an abyss of power and mythology. Here, on the border between reality and the unknown, his music is the definitive ritual. The sonic devastation stands as a testament to the vastness and enigma of the cosmos.

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