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ŠMIERCIESLAŬ “​Б​л​э​к М​е​т​а​л Т​а​р​н​а​д​а / Black Metal Tornado” CD

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Title: ​Б​л​э​к М​е​т​а​л Т​а​р​н​а​д​а / Black Metal Tornado
Format: CD
Origin: Belarus
Label: Tribulación Productions / Musica Hibrida
Genre: Black
Info: new full-length album of Old Black Metal band ŠMIERCIESLAŬ (Death Worshipper) from Eastern Europe . These 6 songs of despair were created at one of numberless dungeons of endless pain and coldness, raw and harsh, reminiscing when evil Black Metal Warriors ruled this doomed world every night!... credits
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Dimensiones 13 × 13 × 1 cm

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