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VETUS OBSCURUM “Blood Revelations” CD

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Title: Blood Revelations
Format: CD
Origin: Usa
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Debemur Morti
Info: EP 2009
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From the darkest recesses of Numinas’ (KROHM) fevered mind come four tracks of grim, pathogenic Black Metal art. Forged in coalition with his trusty acolytes Death (DRAWN & QUARTERED) and Nihilist (ex-ABAZAGORATH), "Blood Revelations" - the debut EP of VETUS OBSCURUM - escorts the listener in vivo on a journey through ancient woods to the palace of untimely death. Traverse the blood-soaked woodland, beneath a superstitious moon, darkness overtaking night and eerie chants growing louder / shriller. Huddled together in fear, nameless beings strain desperately to claim precious heat from the campfire, but all is consumed by the irresistible cold – as soon they too shall be. Observe the inane utterances of wordless voices and stare forlornly into the gleaming eyes of insanity. Cower meekly as gathering storms of ancient darkness wash away the blood of Christ to herald a new Kingdom. Accept the remedy; embrace the antidote to humanity.

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