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VRITRA “Suppliciter Exoro Te” 2CD

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Artist: VRITRA
Title: Suppliciter Exoro Te
Format: 2CD
Origin: Finland
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Tribulación Productions
Info: Full Compilation 2019
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Lugubrious Black Metal from Finland, Shatraug's (Sargeist / Horna...) personal project, this infernal compendium contains over 150 minutes
of pure grim Black Metal into abysmal darkness !
16 pages booklet, limited edition double CD format.

"VRITRA is in essence a ritualistic study into black arts,
rites and grimoires all clad in the sound of Black Metal
yet not limited to its archetype in favor of reaching into the darkest
foundations of music and fundamental potential therein."

Vritra in itself is a study into occultism in it's various pathways, always focused on the darkness and has no real limitations neither on lyrical or musical aspects. As most lyrics are direct latin prayers and incantations Vritra is an invitation and invocation for the nightside to seek abode. In plain terms the music itself can be anything and shift from one phase to another, and not only metal either which is where most of the unique approach lies in. Vritra is never too fast either, delving more into lethargy than exhilaration.


Liber I hymns originally from private Vritra/Kêres split tapes.

Liber II hymns 01-02 from private 7"EP, hymns 03-05 from private Vritra/Appalachian Winter split tape,
hymns 06-09 from private demo, hymn 10 from private Vritra/Baptism split 7"EP,
hymn 11 from "Suomesta Saatanalle" compilation LP, hymn 12 unreleased Rotting Christ tribute.

Vritra is Shatraug, with the exception of "Ceremony Of The Demon-Witch"
featuring lyrics and guestvocals by Mons Veneris.

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