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XERPENTH / PROFANOS “Contemplatvs Nigredvm Revelationem” Split CD

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Title: Contemplatvs Nigredvm Revelationem
Format: CD
Origin: Colombia
Label: Tribulación Productions
Genre: Occult Black / Death Metal
Info: Under the brightnes of the stronght will and the Black gnosis The Split Debut: XERPENTH / PROFANOS - Contemplatvs Nigredvm Revelationem, Occult Black / Death Metal from Colombia. This Manifest is a adversarial expression of the Concept Alquimic of being ¨Nigredo¨ which Represents the ascetic condition, the vision of occult knowledge across the deviousness and the blackening of being. This Opus was Fermented and forged by 11 Emanations from the vision of fractals meditations and chants, dedicated to devotional faith to Qayin Mortifier and other ritualistic acts of devotion to Aetheric Spirits of I, too in consensus with the cosmovisions that are presents in our way... AMLG "
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Dimensiones 14 × 14 × 2 cm

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