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Upcoming Release: SÆTAIER “Underworld Oath” Slipcase CD
May 15, 2024

Sætaıǝr is a black metal band created in Catalunya (Spain) by drummer Labelua (ex-Atrexial, ex-Ered) and guitarist Endead (Endeathed, ex-Demolittion Trippa) in 2023, who would later be joined by Sanguinem (Endeathed, Bloodhymns) as vocalist, Morkar (Udûn, Mitrofanx) on bass and Sorath on guitar. The Catalan quintet has recently debuted with the single Chaos Serpent which you can listen to below:

Sætaıǝr‘s debut album is titled “Underworld Oath” and will be released sometime in June by Tribulación Productions.


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