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LUCTUS “U​ž​ribis” Digipak

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Artist: LUCTUS
Title: U​ž​ribis
Format: Digipak
Origin: Lithuania
Label: Tribulación Productions (Licensed by Inferna Profundus Records)
Genre: Black Metal
Info: Mystical Lithuanian Black Metal, 3-panel Digipack with 12-page insert
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Lithuanian Black Metal act!. The band, after five years, finally returns with the long-awaited new full-length album! LUCTUS, over the course of nearly twenty years of activity, have always been a band devoted solely and exclusively to Black Metal - this new work represents the artistic and spiritual sum of the long work that lasted almost five years. The new album conceptually continues the path taken by the previous album "Ryšys" (2015), while musically represents a further step in the search of the purity of sound and the emotional impact. The album was recorded in Lithuania, but mixing and mastering work was done in Stockholm, in the legendary "Necromorbus Studio B". The result is a sonic vortex of violence, majesty and spiritual research through the darkest of the arts – the art of Black Metal! The new album is titled "Užribis" and it’s a spiritual journey through the obscure depths of the soul, breaking through any boundaries of social life, in search of what the band calls the “Other World”. The new work consists of nine tracks to which several guests from the Lithuanian black metal scene and beyond have also contributed. Are you ready to dive into the cold waters of the Beyond?.

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