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BELIAL “Wisdom of Darkness” Gatefold LP (Splatter Vinyl)

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Artist: BELIAL
Title: Wisdom of Darkness
Format: LP
Origin: Finland
Genre: Black / Death Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Info: Killer EP 1992, 300x heavyweight grey with cyan blue, white & black splatters 12" (180g) in a microthene innersleeve, poster A2, full-color printed on 150g art-paper, gatefold jacket, full-color printed on 350g carton, all assembled in a plastic overbag.
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Info : Founded in 1991, Belial only lived a short career but burned with a bright flame. The band opened the gates to success – and hell – right from the start with their demo tape and mini-album “Wisdom of Darkness” (1992). Belial's debut full length album “Never Again” (1993) was well received by fans and even had some commercial success cementing their name as one of the cruelest and darkest-sounding Finnish Death Metal band of their time.

The original cover art has been brought back to life as a tribute to old school Death Metal fans. All remastered. Everything carefully delivered down to the smallest details. Exactly as they are meant to be. 

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